Tulips have a long and exquisite history in art. Inspired by the Dutch seventeeth century flower paintings in the Ashmolean museum, Oxford and the 'Turkish Tulips' exhibition at the Bowes Musem in 2017, I decided to make my own tulip tributes. Taking the name of specific tulips as a starting point I drew at 1:1 scale directly from the botanical specimens: I juxtaposed them with objects from my collection, with the flower bulbs'  packaging labels and with origami tulips I made following instructions from the 'Turkish Tulips' show. These drawings bring together fact, fiction, observation, classification, myths and folklore. By referencing scientifc botanical studies, the legacy of women painting flower watercolours, curios and storytelling these images both celebrate and subvert the tradition of flowers in art.



  • Red Riding Hood Tulip
    Red Riding Hood Tulip
  • Black Jack Tulip
    Black Jack Tulip
  • Purple Doll Tulip
    Purple Doll Tulip
  • Ballerina Tulip
    Ballerina Tulip
  • Little Beauty Tulip
    Little Beauty Tulip
  • Lilac Wonder Tulip
    Lilac Wonder Tulip