Vitae Cyclum Fritallaria Melegrais

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Vitae Cyclum Fritallaria Melegrais
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2015. h:72cms x w:55.5cms (framed).
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In making this drawing, I had in mind images from Maria Sibylla Merian’s gorgeous book ‘Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium’ of 1705. From two eternally entwined toy snakes a real purple snakes head fritillary grows. Its seed pod ripens as it journeys through a snakeskin (a corn snake called Elvis had shed his skin naturally) until it emerges out of the skin’s mouth. The seed pod bursts open and disgorges its seeds onto the lizardwoman who is climbing up the fritillary stem. The fertilisation flows back into the pair of snakes and the cycle begins again. There is an interplay between which subject is living, dead, preserved, plastic, real, contemporary, past and present. It is all the same and yet different in the interconnected world of this drawing.
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