Flowerplay (White rose)

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Flowerplay (White rose)
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2012. h:33.5cms x w:38.9cms (framed).
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This is the seventh drawing and the last of the toy flowers based on a real plant. The white rose is symbolically very rich in art and folklore so I have selected imagery that echoes some of these narratives, (a white bridal rose representing purity and innocence) but at the same time the imagery subverts this narrative. The toy rose rests on a white rose from my bridal bouquet that I tried to preserve in resin as a paperweight. However, the process went horribly wrong and, although I will never part with it, the rosebud now looks like something from Miss Haversham's story rather than a memento of my wonderful wedding day. I have also shown a bride Day of the Dead brooch made by a friend.
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