Flowerplay (Press it again to make it open)

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Flowerplay (Press it again to make it open)
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2012. h:44cms x w:36cms (framed).
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This eleventh drawing was inspired by the instruction text '...press it again to make it open...'. I wanted to explore imagery suggesting the innocent play of girl hood combined with the awareness of female adolesence and young adulthood. Perhaps this drawing is a warning from my older to my younger self? My favourite red haired Pippa doll rests one hand on the flower and the other on it's closed petals. She has lifted one leg and kicked off a shoe as she rests her naked foot next to a frog. This is a tin frog that I think my grandparents brought back from Hong Kong around 1935: it makes a very loud and sharp 'snapping' noise when you press it down onto its base. There are many interpretations of the symbolism of frogs in art (for example, as witches' familiars, fertility or transformation): each of which , and more, could apply here. I always have the imagery of one my favourite artists (Paula Rego) and writers (Angela Carter) in the back of my mind: but I think they came to the fore in this drawing.
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