Flowerplay (Between the thumb and forefinger)

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Flowerplay (Between the thumb and forefinger)
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2012. h:50.2cms x w:39.3cms (framed).
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Many years ago my mother (who was also an artist) bought a vintage glove display stand which features some beautifully articulated wooden hands on a metal stand. The delicacy of the movement referred to in the instructions, combined with the now brittle fragility of the plastic flower parts and the fairy tale threat of the 'snap shut' text inspired this tenth drawing. I placed the flower in the wooden hand and put the petals between its fingers as instructed. The petals fall down initially shut but then open again as they descend. The last petal is open and broken and lies on the skeleton-like ribbon threaded through a day of the dead skull bead which I have had for so long it's origins are forgotten. The plastic fly at the top of the drawing completes the 'Vanites" and "Memento Mori' (brevity of life) symbolism.
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