Anemone Nemorosa

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Study of Anemone Nemorosa
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2018. h:25.5cms x w:21.5cms (framed).

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Inspired by the pressed specimen of Anemone nemorosa in the Margaret Rebecca Dickinson (a Victorian botanist) archive in the Natural History society of Northumbria, the simple arrangement of the two flowers placed side by side suggested the composition of this drawing. The anemones are shown 1:1 scale and, by adapting botanical drawing conventions, I intertwined the two stems to pull the two halves of the drawing together. I used translucent sketchbook paper to allow the text on the reverse to show through referencing the quality of antique books and layered understanding. The paper also allows the watercolour to lie very flat and matt which captures something of the delicacy and texture of the plants.
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