Anemone MRD With Flowerplay

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Flowerplay and Dickinson Anemones
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2018. h:30cms x 25.5cms (framed).

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My starting point for this drawing was my previously mentioned Flower Play toy set. I wanted to place my much-loved toy plastic anemone alongside M. R. Dickinson's three original botanical pressed anemone specimens and her original anemone watercolor paintings. Ideas such as 'living, dead, natural, artificial, bright and faded colour, legacy, education, classification and sustainability underline this drawing. Not having the 'correct' plastic colours in my flowerplay set, I decided to make my three anemone flowers using the closest colours, albeit they are faded and brittle now and I tried to represent them as 'botanically' accurate as possible. I referenced Dickinson's painted specimens by copying them as close to their original size and colour as possible, then washing them out and loosely re-painting over the top. I represented her pressed specimens at actual size but only lightly suggesting the detail. I referenced her handwritten names from both her pressed and painted specimens and used my John Bull set to title my own flowers.
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