Anemone Flowerplay

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How to Flowerplay an Anemone
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2018. h:28cms x 23.5cms (framed).

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My starting point for this drawing was my previously mentioned Flower Play toy set. As a child I played with this set often and remember how at first I carefully concentrated on the 'correct' order following the given instructions on the lid, but later I let my imagination create any flower I desired from the pieces supplied. The acute attention and knowledge a child has for a favoured toy shows that through play there is not only a rigour of understanding of the toy itself and the rules which are applied to it, but also focuses the love which is bestowed on the toy. I wanted to show this knowledge I had of my toy and equate it with that which a botanical artist (and perhaps natural history scientist) engages with his or her subject. I drew from the printed instructions, repeated the same style when drawing the actual pieces of the flower and the drew a 'botanical' representation of the plastic flower, all at 1:1 scale. I printed the accompanying texts using my toy printing sets.
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